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You are interested in seeing the Operations block/Norden buildings at Grafton Underwood Eventually become a museum to the 384th Bomb group, Who’s personnel were stationed there during WW2.

We consider the development of Grafton Underwood airfield as a solar farm to be an appropriate one in the 21st century, as long as it is done sympathetically, and in balance with The environment, This development would encourage the opportunity to restore what is a redundant building to a thriving hub of historic interest.

It is well known that the site of the airfield is visited many hundreds, if not thousands of times every year, and that there are visitors from all over the world.

Such a museum would be beneficial to the local and international community, acting as a focal point for historical research into the site, and also championing the vast array of wildlife that can be seen and celebrating the surrounding nature. From a coffee on a morning dog walk to tracing a forebears footsteps thousands of miles from home, such a building would cater for all and this is an ideal opportunity to deliver a valuable community asset".

"We, the undersigned, ask that the Operations Block at Grafton Underwood airfield is developed into a museum to act as a fitting memorial to the men and women who served there during World War 2.

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