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Elected Officials, NYPD
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Every weekday, over 30,000 Staten Island and Brooklyn express bus commuters, who have some of the longest commutes in the country, travel via the Gowanus Expressway to access work, school, doctor's appointments and other important matters in Manhattan. Many of these people are our heroic essential workers, who have toiled throughout the pandemic to keep New York City alive.

Despite these sacrifices, they along with other hard working New Yorkers, are forced to spend upwards of two to three hours some days in each direction in a sea of congestion, due to ongoing abuse by single-occupancy vehicles of the Gowanus Expressway HOV lane and a lack of enforcement. These commuters take express buses because they either live in subway deserts, or have very limited transit options, meaning that their express bus trips are a necessity and not a luxury. Furthermore, we have seen a significant uptick in delays and congestion on weekends, where some trips take over an hour alone just to travel a stretch of roughly five to six miles on the Gowanus to the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel.

We, the undersigned, are requesting the following:

1. Increased, daily enforcement to mitigate the alarming increase of the HOV lane abuse on the Gowanus Expressway.

2. An expansion of the HOV lane's operation to seven days a week to encourage more use of the express bus service and allow more New Yorkers who work at off-peak hours to benefit from faster commutes.

The aforementioned actions will serve to allow New Yorkers to spend more time at home with their families and also mean greater worker productivity, which in turn will improve New York City's economic standing.

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