Governor Huckabee
United States of America

It's election year 2010:

After two years of a 60-seat supermajority in the US Senate, Congressional Democrats under President Obama have moved virtually unchecked to force their radical agenda on the American people. The GOP is in disarray and hope seems lost.

In Arkansas, Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) is up for re-election to the US Senate. Most pundits consider this race a done deal, but there’s a black horse. A man who has a proven track record of victory against all odds in state that’s dominated by the Democrats. A man who would snatch a Senate seat from the Democrats “safe” column and bring this great country one step closer to reclaiming individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, traditional values, and small government.

Governor Mike Huckabee is just the man this country needs to save the Senate from another 60-seat liberal supermajority. Join us!

We, the undersigned, call on Governor Mike Huckabee to declare his candidacy for US Senator from the great State of Arkansas in 2010.

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