New Hampshire
United States of America

Scientific evidence overwhelmingly concludes that Covid 19 is spreading exponentially across our country and in our state.

Every hour that we wait to implement all available strategies to slow the spread of this virus means more infected people and the increasing possibility of overloading our medical system. If hospitals cannot keep up, as has been the case in other countries, this will equal more deaths and more suffering. The risk is especially high right now due to misinformation, the lack of available testing, shortage of personal protective equipment and the demographics of our state.

One principle of medicine is to focus on the primary problem first, then deal with secondary symptoms. We are on course to experience a full-blown public health crisis and we must commit every resource available to containing, controlling, treating, and preventing further spread of the corona virus. Once the pandemic has been stopped, then we can work together to restore the economy.

Governor Sununu we the undersigned call on you to issue a shelter in place order immediately.

Temporarily suspend all nonessential businesses.

Remove the exceptions from your 10 person gathering prohibition.

Issue a moratorium on evictions.

Issue a mandatory 14 day quarantine on people leaving the city to shelter at vacation homes in the state.

The message to the residents of New Hampshire needs to be firm and clear.

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