Goths have been treated unfairly because we wear black. Some people say that we have to worship the devil. That's not fair, we have the same rights as others do. I have been treated unfairly because of the way I look. Goths don't have to worship the devil if we don't want to. Just like you. Some people who aren't goth worship the devil. Did you know that priests that go to church some times wear all black. And there's different kinds of Goths. Fetish Goths, Perky Goths, lots, and its like saying to a person who worships god and wears black "You have to worship the devil." Thats not fair.

Please sign to tell people we have rights too, and shouldn't be treated unfairly. I know for a fact that 80-90% worship god, or have another religion. The rest are devil worshipers. I'm not a devil woprshiper, I love god. But here's something to think about. Why did Jesus kill himself for us? He loved us I know, but did he do suicide? Of so, he did a sin, and not everybodies perfect. We are forgiven by God, and he loves ALL of us. Wether we love him or not. Its like a family member, you love them but maybe you don't like their apperence. You love them any way.

And did you know that the Goth sign was used by Christens before Jesus was born? Its true, we just liked it we grabbed it and called it our own. That's when Jesus died and the christains turned to the Cross. We like the cross too but prefer the Goth symbole.

Please sign this petition to help people to realize that Goths have feelings too. GOTHS HAVE RIGHTS TOO!

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