Governor Kate Brown, Oregon State Legislature
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The newly-elected Congress in Washington D.C. is preparing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or "Obamacare"). Once this happens, you or your children could lose your health insurance -- possibly as soon as January of 2017.

Each state regulates its own insurance industry. The Oregon legislature has the power to ensure that the patient protections contained in the ACA become part of Oregon state insurance regulation. That means:

- No denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions
- No cancellation of coverage due to illness
- No annual or lifetime limits
- Dependents up to age 26 can stay on their parents' coverage
- Free preventive care
- Expanded coverage for seniors and women
- Right to appeal any insurance company decisions

This new regulation would be revenue neutral -- NO new taxes, NO new spending. And most importantly it will ensure critical care will continue for vulnerable patients, saving thousands of lives in Oregon.

Governor Kate Brown, Oregon State Legislature:

Guarantee Oregon Patients' Health Insurance Rights!

Amend Oregon state insurance regulation to include all patient protections from the Affordable Care Act. No discrimination for pre-existing conditions, no annual or lifetime maximums, no cancellation due to illness.

Make sure this is part of the legislative planning session in January, and is completed and signed into law during the first legislative session starting February 1st. Oregonians' lives depend on it.

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