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Ihtiman Regional Court and Sofia Region Governor

We are property owners and investors in the Country Golf Club & Spa Ibar, Dolna Banya, Bulgaria.

We bought into this project because of the wonderful location, the Nicklaus Design Golf Course and the good potential of this project. This should have been an investors dream; however, it is turning into a very difficult experience.

We would like to express our deepest concern with regard to a court case between Dolna Banya Municipality and Golf Club Ibar which is currently going on at the Ihtiman regional court over the alleged illegal building of 25 properties at Golf Club Ibar.

The legal proceedings aim to establish whether 25 construction permits have been issued or not for which the municipality claims they have never been issued but Golf Club Ibar hold copies of the originals.

We are not familiar with the legal system of Bulgaria but as investors we are very disappointed that there seems to be no progress on this case. The hearings keep being postponed. The court has been waiting for a triple expertise since May 2010. Since then the court hearings have been postponed 3 times. Now 6 months later we are still not sure of the outcome of the hearing scheduled for November 8th 2010.

We as foreign investors find this unacceptable and we want to see some progress on this court case. Additionally, the world wide reputation of Jack Nicklaus Design will also question whether it would build anymore golf courses in Bulgaria.

With this petition we would like to urge the Regional Court in Ihtiman to bring this court case to a conclusion without any further delay.

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