Akira Toriyama

I believe it's time for Goku to finally meet his family.

We all know that Bardock died a saiyans death and Gokus mother has never been mentioned in the dragon ball series. I would want a movie or an episode to correlate with Goku meeting his family or vica versa bardock and Gine coming down to Earth and seeing Goku and how much he has grown.

I have belief that Vegeta knows about Bardock and they could use the black star dragon balls or the super dragon balls to revive Bardock and Gine.

There's so much they could do with this and I would love to see this after watching dragon ball z ever since I was child.

Everyone please sign this so that Akira Toriyama can see this petition and maybe add a timeline with Goku meeting his family in Dragon Ball Super.

I think it's past time that they should finally be able to meet.

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