#Roads & Transport
Venice City Council
United States of America

St. Augustine Avenue in Venice has been open to traffic in both directions since it's construction. Although only a few blocks in length it is heavily traveled due to the multi-floor condominiums with access and it being a local's way to bypass traffic on Tampa Avenue.

The new change making the avenue one-way is confusing to the Seasonal Residence and the locals alike. In addition, the change has a negative effect on the parking for the businesses in the Venice Centre Mall.

We find it is unsafe for cars, pedestrians and bicyclists to have St. Augustine Avenue a one-way street.

We ask the City of Venice City Council to change it back to two-way traffic and to find other ways such as signage to improve traffic flow.

One solution is to have the cars coming out of the city parking lot on Tampa Avenue, across from the entrance to St. Augustine, go only East on Tampa Avenue.

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