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Genetically modified organisms or GMOs, are any living thing that has had its genetic material altered in some way through human scientific interference. GMOs undergo a form of gene manipulation under controlled lab conditions whereby segments of DNA are spliced, rearranged or removed altogether. You may have been eating genetically modified food for years and not even know it.

Twenty years ago, the food industry leaders claim that the use of GM biotechnology is to increase diminishing food supply, yet today we see is an even more brittle, increasingly unsustainable and less nutritious food system. Would you buy a food product from a company that refused to label what it was composed of?

Scientific research shows immune system breakdown, resilience to antibiotics, intimate pesticide exposure, allergies and various chronic disease development due to the administration of GM products.

We should be able to know what we are feeding our families and if the FDA, their affiliates and government refuse to tell us, we refuse to consume it.

Irradiation is a process of ionizing radiation used when sanitary conditions in meat packing plants are so abominable that lethal viruses like E. Coli thrive. The meat is washed with ammonia and hit with gamma rays equating to hundreds of radiative power. Of the 185 pros, there are 1,414 cons to this "solution", yet the FDA says irradiation is safe.

In order to prevent contamination, why not hold meat packers accountable to sanitary and humane conditions instead?

We, the undersigned, will choose what we eat, where it comes from and the process of its cultivation and harvest in human and pet food products.

We sign for a GMO and Irradiated FREE Zone for the state of Montana and refuse to be lab rats.

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