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My friend, Ben Hope, who lives in Switzerland, and I have developed a concept of Green Cities. The concept is simple. Build modern new cities with modern public transportation like subway (called “metro” in Europe). The same trains that run in New York subway can run on the surface, transporting hundreds of passengers at a time.

Most of the people in Green Cities would not need personal automobiles. The solution is cost-effective, because people will save a lot of money on cars, maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc. The air in our cities will be clean, and we would reduce global warming.

We would save many thousands of people who die every year in car crashes.
We would save thousands of soldiers who will die in this Iraq and future Oil Wars.

Let’s admit it: we can not drive with water in our fuel tanks, and that is why we are in Iraq, - to secure reliable supplies of oil.

Ben Hope and I have contacted all major environmental organizations, but none of them have supported the idea of Green Cities. The reason is that nuclear energy will be needed to power trains, but environmental organizations are against nuclear energy, even though the facts say otherwise. Nuclear energy is the most safe and environmentally friendly source of energy.

We are entering a Peak Oil era, when Oil Wars will be conducted on a global scale. The only solution is to gradually replace gas-powered automobiles with nuclear-energy-powered public transportation.

Everyone should read “The Nuclear Energy Option” by Bernard L. Cohen, Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburg. The book is free to read on this web site:
http://www.phyast.pitt.edu/~blc/book/. Please read the book and sign the petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to promote construction of modern new cities with modern public transportation like subway where nuclear plants provide electricity for public transportation.

Public transportation is the only option to protect our environment and to reduce global warming.

Also, do not donate money to any environmental organization which does not support the idea to build modern new cities with modern public transportation.

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