You know, 2 words affect our planet the most. Global Warming. Wake up, Earth! Global warming is NOT a scam. This urgent matter is being accused of fake and is ignored. Why do we sometimes blindly cling to positives?

Why would we believe that our car exhaust has no effect on nature? If you think global warming is a scam, give us truth seekers an explanation why a hurricane formed in the Atlantic for the first time and Hurricane Katrina was so powerful. Tell us why Earth is warming up so rapidly and why the ozone had a gaping hole over Antarctica.

Tell me why global warming is obviously fake. Do you think we can get away with damaging nature by releasing so much CO2 and CFC? Sign this petition if you believe global warming affects our world. If you don't believe, you will when it's too late and it's taking action. If you like positive sides, tell me which you would rather believe: in approx. 80 years, what do you think will create the flooding in coastal areas globally: global warming, or God?

We, the People of our suffering Planet Earth, believe that global warming is affecting our planet and causing Earth's natural coolers, of polar ice caps, to melt.

We urge you to realize what will happen in approximately 80 years because of global warming and because of us. The cause we are taking action on is global warming. The effect is extinction of all inhabitants of Earth, including us, and with that, Earth will truly become a twin of Venus.

Global Warming = Pollution + Rainforest clearing + oxygen shortage + greenhouse effect + ozone loss + extinction + CO2 overdose + polar ice caps melting + Industrial Revolution.

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