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Our school board approved the construction of a new artificial turf field at the board meeting on Monday June 12th which will cost our school over $850,000. The cost was justified by the idea that kids from all grades K-12 will use that field for PE classes, football and soccer teams. The EPA is still studying the health risk this type of field might have on kids. The infill material will be either crumb rubber made from recycled tires, which contain known carcinogens (chemicals capable of causing cancer) or "Nike" crumb made from recycled shoes, also made from petroleum based products (for an additional $150,000). Both types of infill contain lead. If you would rather not have your kids play on this type of field during PE classes or any other type of activity please sign.

I do not want my Glen Lake student(s) to participate in activities or play on the artificial turf field.

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