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Wim Barelds has been a CAL Anti Cheat Manager for a little bit over a season (Now Assistant after not having enough time to be head). He has been doing official Anti Cheat in CAL for 40 weeks.

Barelds has a amazing knowledge at this game when it comes to different plugins/cvars/cheating/etc. Barelds was the one that stepped in to make fair game play by making "zBlock" (Along with help from some other people). zBlock now has the abilities to not allow most popular transparent textures in gameplay - Something amazing.

He knows what the community wants. Without Barelds around, i know for a fact competitive play wouldn't be as nearly good.

I'm asking VALVe (And i do need your help!) to consider reviewing Barelds for a spot on VALVe's CSS Board of Advisory (or the specific name that VALVe has for it).

Barelds knows what the community wants and doesn't want. Something VALVe could DEEPLY use making this game a lot more fun and fair.

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