Peoples Majlis, Maldives

Maldives is currently facing the biggest hurdle so far in implementing the Constitution according to the president. The cabinet resigned recently, protesting the behaviour of opposition MPs who they said were “hijacking” the powers of the executive and making it impossible for the cabinet Ministers to discharge their constitutional duties and deliver the government’s election manifesto.

Forgetting the fact that we the people of this country voted for a presidential system of governance in the last referendum, the MPs started awarding themselves, powers given actually to the executive. It is time we change the electoral law to force MPs to seek vote of confidence through a constituency recall mechanism if they have been found guilty of unacceptable behaviour.

In the light of current political chaos and other ongoing outrages committed by Majlis Members, we demand the right for voters to be given the power to sack MPs by signing a petition to "recall" them.

MPs should be forced to seek immediate re-election if ten per cent of constituents sign up to the demand.

We the undersigned demand a law which gives voters the right to recall Members of Majlis if at least ten percent of their constituents sign a petition in favour thereof.

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