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Channel 10 Australia.

The aim of this petition is to persuade Channel 10 to give Veronica Mars a more suitable time slot.

Channel Ten's treatment of the show is unacceptable to viewers. It is not just the time they screen Veronica Mars which is ridiculously late but the manner in which they treat the program. The way they take it off and on air when ever they please to allow for movies and therefore constantly change the time Veronica Mars is screened. It becomes very hard for Viewers to keep up. Sometimes they even take Veronica Mars of air altogether for movies. For example on the 3rd of November 2006 Channel Ten took Veronica Mars off air in order to screen a movie called ‘The Core.’

In 2005 when Veronica Mars first came to Australia and the Channel Ten network, channel ten only screened half the season and advertised to the Australian public that it was the end of the first season when in reality (unknown to the viewers) it was only half way through season one. Channel ten could have at least shown some decency and respect for their audiences and showed the rest of the season before taking the show of the air and if they felt such importance to stop the show they could have stuck to the truth.

Channel ten may claim that there weren’t enough viewers but Veronica mars didn’t get much of a chance to attract it’s viewers in the first place, these things don’t happen overnight. Who knows maybe it was just out on TV because there was nothing else for channel ten to put on.

Many Australian viewers are upset about Channel Ten's handling of Veronica Mars.
If Channel Ten provided Veronica Mars with an earlier timeslot such as 8.30 or even 9.30, they would attract a lot more ratings. This would be a much more appropriate solution and a movie could be screened after Veronica Mars. It seems the great majority of Veronica Mars viewers are teenagers therefore it seems a bit obtuse to put Veronica Mars on late at night when many of the Australian youth might have to gone to bed.

In conclusion it is time for the Australian fans of Veronica Mars to take action and hopefully this petition will achieve the desired outcome.

We, the undersigned, call on Channel Ten to review their management of the Television program Veronica Mars and provide Veronica Mars with a earlier time slot, so that the Australian fans and viewers of Veronica mars may have a better opportunity to watch the program.

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