#Civil Rights
United States of America

From the time when the Anti-Federalists insisted on adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, the basics rights and freedoms of Americans have been constrained and narrowed.

As of today, the narrow interpretation of the Constitution causes fundamental rights of freedom of speech, assembly, petition, press and religion to be confined. Such limitation allows the vulnerable citizens to suffer from prejudice.

In many cases teachers are limited to the freedom of speech, adolescents are limited with the right to assemble, Mormons are limited to the freedom of religion, and others like students and writers do not have full rights to the First Amendment.

The First Amendment limits citizens of the United States to full rights of freedom of religion/speech, assembly, and press.

In today's society too many people ignore the fact that their rights are being deprived.

Sign this petition in order to let our government know that First Amendment guarantees rights to everyone since everyone is created equally.

Sign this petition in order to have complete freedom of speech for high school students, and allow Mormons to practice polygamy, to allow teachers to practice freedom of speech in schools and to allow adolescence to assemble freely without curfews.

Sign this petition to have fair rights for everyone without prejudice or discrimination.

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