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For a long time now, our local utility company for water supply and sewer management has provided us with dirty and raw smelling water with no hint of having undergone treatment. This not a free service and each and every consumer on the receiving end pays for the service. It from this fact that customers need to receive service for what is paid for. This being a business as well as social contract, it is required that the consumer receive only the best service possible.

Most of the time the water from our taps is brown in color a clear sign that soil is present together with many other impurities which can be fatal to the health of the consumer. Mulonga claims its water comes from a treatment plant but clearly nobody put any effort in making in fit for human consumption.

We the undersigned call on Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company take the process of water treatment seriously and provide us with clean water.

This is our Right as consumers.

Our health comes first.

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