The Nanjarii

This petition is a last resort to resolve the affair between Militant and his determined pursuit of war against the Sabre clan. We have tried to reach an ending to this stupid conflict which the sabres have supported the whole way through and now we're sick of it. We just want to play Tildruin, if Militant wants war with the sabres he should take it elsewhere.

WE the undersigned ask that you, the Nanjarii take action against the avolonian guard and its beligerant leader, Militant. They have made our lives hell since theyre arrival here on Tildruin by trying to carry on a war with the Sabres which has long since ended. We came to Tildruin for a mature RPG not to watch over determined little boys play soldiers. We ask that you permanantly ban Militant and put Tildruin back the way it was supposed to be.

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The Give us back Tildruin - permanantly ban Militant petition to The Nanjarii was written by Narya Sabre and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.