#City & Town Planning
New York City, Chelsea West, High Line area, West 20s
United States of America

Residents of Chelsea have been forced for too long to negotiate obstacles at the corner of West 23rd and 10th Avenue. Trash, ice fields, various obstacles and widening water puddles litter a near-abandoned construction site.

The elderly, ill and very young cannot not negotiate this hazardous obstacle course. People with baby carriages, animals and those hauling deliveries also cannot negotiate this area. Additionally, citizens cannot even opt to cross the street for safe passage because of constuction on that side of West 23rd as well. What kind of city planning is taking place? Why?

The only way to get our walkways back is to take action now and demand that the city step in. This situation has continued for two years now. Have you had enough?

Things must change. Today

We, the undersigned, call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg, The City of New York, Department of Buildings, Department of Transportation, Sanitation Department and Offices of City Planning to return safe, clear, unobstructed walkways to us.

The city must remove construction fencing, debris and all other blockades and obstacles from existing sidewalks – immediately.

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