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Through the years, Disney princesses had unrealistic body looks. Even thought we say inner beauty is what matters, sometimes, the overweight girls feel left out. That's why I want to start this petition, to ask Disney, to make a role model for the kids, for the teenagers who are struggling with the idea of the ,,perfect body shape'', a role model who can prove that, even If you're overweight, that doesn't mean that you can't be perfect. Because every person is unique in their own way. And I think this idea deserves a chance.

Dear kids, teenagers, parents, I'm here to ask everyone to sigh this petition for possible creation of an overweight Disney Princess. A lot of people won't agree, won't support this idea, for a reasons such as negative body image, afraid that will support the idea of being ,,fat''. No, I want the movie to show that even if you are different in looks, you still are beautiful. You mean something in this world, and your body is not something that defines you. It's your love. I want this princess, so people can see what overweight people are going through. I can't make anyone sign this if they don't want to, but If you believe in love, that won't mind you. Please sign this petition. With my whole heart. If you are overweight, that doesn't mean you can't be perfect.

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