Belgravia Lesiure - Aqua Jetty

Body Jam & Sh'Bam are Les Mills dance based cardio programs that are designed to burn calories and fat through highly charged moves of self-expression.

-- So why are these classes not available south of the river in Perth?

Centres like the Warehouse in Fremantle, Zest in Rockingham and Aqua Jetty in Warnbro did run these programs once upon a time, but despite continuing interest they have not been reinstated.

We are actively looking to have these classes trialled or reinstated somewhere in the southern areas of Perth, enabling dance to become part of our weekly exercise regime.

Sign Below if you would attend one of these classes weekly!

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Do you want to dance? Sign below and help us get it back in our life!

We, the undersigned, respectfully request a space and time for Body Jam or Sh'Bam to be run, in the southern areas of Perth.

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