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The Specials are one of Britains most important bands. They successfully provided a voice for the people of Britain at the dawn of Thatcherism and provided a social commentary that was relevant to the country at the time and is still relevant today.

In addition to this they perfectly blended musical styles of reggae, ska, punk and pop to create a new sound that spoke for a generation and defined the time.

The Specials personified a message of peace, unity, anti - racism and hope- some thing that is lacking in the musical landscape of the 21st century.

With news of the band re forming to mark their 30th anniversary now is the right time for the acadamy to honour them with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award at the Brits 2009.

We the undersigned request that you the BPI honor the band The Specials with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award at the Brits 2009.

The Specials are important to British Culture and British Musical History. They provided a social commentary and wrote songs relevant to the great British public at the dawn of Thatcherism. They conveyed a mesage of the truth, hope, and peace with uplifting music that appealled to everyone and still does today.

In addition to this they were one of the first multi cultural bands to hit the mainstream - again reflecting on the life style of Britain which was becoming increasingly multi cultural.

We the undersigned all feel that The Specials deserve this honour - as their music is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago and as they have decided to re form to celebrate their anniversary we feel the Brit Award would be the perfect thankyou to a band who personnified Britishness at a very important time in British history.

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