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Snowy River Shire Coucil

A call to expand Early Childhood facilities (Banjo Patterson Park)

The recent ‘baby boom’ in the Snowy River Shire has highlighted the need to improve, expand, and update both active and passive recreational facilities within Jindabyne’s main waterfront reserve.

The provision of enhanced early childhood playground facilities in this prime ‘Town Centre’ location would provide a functional attraction to support social engagement and interaction for the entire community.

The 3.5km foreshore walking/cycling track forming the town’s lakefront perimeter is a picturesque and beneficial facility that promotes healthy outdoor activity for the young and the elderly, for residents and visitors.

Installing more seating and improving the quality of the existing facilities will allow the active, those with less mobility, and those unable to afford alternative recreation options the ability to socially engage and interact in a safe and open environ in one of the best locations in town.

A wider selection of the community should be enjoying the benefits of one of Jindabyne’s most prized assets.

This call to expand and improve the existing facilities is being made to now to encourage the Snowy River Shire Council to accelerate planning for these works.

It is my opinion and those of the wider Jindabyne community that the playground located in Banjo Patterson Park is not adequate enough for the needs of the community and its visitors.

Safety is the first priority for any parent/guardian for their child. The standards of this park need to be lifted to provide a better, safer outdoor playing area for the children of the snowy mountains.

The community would like to see updated equipment that caters for a wider age group, a larger area designated to equipment for children as the population of Jindabyne varies quite significantly depending on the time of year, a fenced playground, protection from the weather and adequate seating within the perimeters of the playground to allow for safer supervision.

We, the undersigned call on the Snowy River Shire Council to accelerate planning for the provised updating and improvements that need to be made to benefit the community and its visitors to the area, to ensure the safety and well being of our children.

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