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The Fantastic Four Cinematic Universe is the most misfranchised cinematic series and 20th Century Fox should not reboot the Fantastic Four series all over again because nobody wants to watch the rebooted film. It’s now the time to tell 20th Century Fox to give the rights of Fantastic Four to Marvel Studio and let Marvel Studio reboot the film series. If Fox isn’t using the Fantastic Four characters, hand them to Marvel Studio.

For example, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four went truly unsuccessful. The 2015 film received very negative receptions for this particular movie and nobody doesn’t want the film rebooted once again.

The Fantastic Four is desperately needed and must return back to the Marvel Studio.

The only purpose to call on 20th Century Fox is to give the rights of Fantastic Four to Marvel Studio and we must do this not only for the fans, but for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Stan Lee reported that he’s calling for a stand-alone movie about Silver Surfer and that is the character he wants to see more.
I will repeat, we want to accomplish and we want to do this for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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