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May 1, 2006

Fremantle supporters are carrying on like idiots and making online petitions to give to the AFL stating that they deserve to win the game that their fine club played against St.Kilda at Launceston. This is not good enough and goes beyoned the ethos of what is expected as an Australian citizen (although they are from the west so maybe that is a tenuous link) and as a 'sport fanatic'.

So what if morally they should have won - the umpires and the AFL stuffed up and we were the lucky beneficiary. Sucked in. But the decision has been made and must stand. We cannot set a precedent whereby results are challenged after the fact, it will open a can of worms bigger than the game itself and end up eating AFL footy alive.

The only clear way to deal with this issue and ensure that no-one ever tries to pull a similar stunt is to allocate Fremantle a score of zero for yesterday's game and forfeit their 2 premiership points which would be awarded to St.Kilda along with all relevant percentage benefits.

PS. Don't even get us started on the issue of coaches running out on the ground during play, it was worse than the time he got on stage with Kiss.

The St. Kilda Football Club must be awarded the win and the 4 premiership points for the Round 5 AFL game versus Fremantle in Launceston Tasmania, on Sunday 30th April, 2006.

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