Department of Energy and Climate Change
United Kingdom

Under proposed reforms of feed-in tariff payments social landlords are to be hit by higher cuts than other sectors. The changes means social housing solar photovoltaic schemes will be classed as ‘aggregated’ schemes because they cover multiple installations so will only receive 80 per cent of the full FIT rate. This is being cut from 43.3p/kilowatt hour to 21p/kWh, meaning social landlords would receive just 16.8p/kWh.

In addition social landlords face being excluded from the fuel poverty part of the energy company obligation, which will be used to subsidise retrofit measures in the governments green deal.

Both the FIT and ECO is paid for through consumers’ energy bills meaning social tenants are contributing to the subsidies but don’t stand to benefit from them – despite the fact that they are among the most vulnerable and poor section of society.

Inside Housing magazine is campaigning for social landlords to be given a fair deal so they can reduce fuel poverty among their tenants. We are calling for installations of photovoltaic panels carried out by social landlords to be classed as community schemes and subject to a higher FIT payment.

We are also seeking a commitment from the Department of Energy and Climate Change to give social landlords equal access to ECO funding so that they can deliver the benefits of the green deal.

We, the undersigned, call for social landlords to be given fair access to green subsidies through the feed-in tariff for domestic photovoltaic installations and the energy company obligation.

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