#Law Reform
Mr. President, Barack Obama
United States of America

Please take a look at the history of our school shootings at the link provided below.


Dear President Barack Obama,

We the people of the United States ask that you make new or change laws, regulations etc.... to make our children's safety and schools safer.

Please start doing law enforcement style background checks on our teachers and administrators then provide them access to gun safety, live shooter and hostage situation training then provide them the ability to obtain a full right to bare arms even if the license or permit is only valid while they are at school working/teaching.

This would make a person think twice about running into a school to mass murder our children. When was the last time you heard of someone running into a police station and mass murdering the police? We haven't because they are equipped to stop it in it's tracks and unfortunately our schools need to have the same reputation.

I understand we have law enforcement officials to handle these situations but the problem here is that it still takes time for someone to make the call to emergency personnel then more time for the emergency responders to arrive on the scene, now look how many children and adults (Sandy Hook Elementary School) can loose their lives in the matter of minutes waiting for the response. This is a serious issue and really needs to be moved to the number one spot on your priority "list of things to do".

So please restructure and toss out any thoughts regarding what rights the offender may have because our laws should say (Anyone Thinking or Acting Out Harm To A Child Forfeits Every/All Of His/Her Rights As The Offender) and just like any other law in this country "It Must Apply When Violated"......... and any teacher or administrator that has to use deadly force to stop (The Offender) a gunman from murdering our children will be fully exempt from any and all charges. You can make the difference on how many more of these shootings we will have to endure in our lifetime. After all wouldn't it be better for our teachers and administrators to bare arms and not need them rather then to need arms and not have them?

Another alternative could be, a volunteer list that teachers and administrators can add themselves to. In doing such they would receive training and licensing required to safely defend and bear arms in our schools. This would leave teachers and administrators the freedom of choice. This would still offer levels of security in our school system and leave a perpetrator with no knowledge as to how many armed forces are in the building ready to protect.

If people can bare arms to protect money in this country then why can't teachers and administrators bare arms to protect our children at schools? What holds more value the money or our children's lives and safety.

We believe this would also be a security measure that could be implemented with very minimum cost to tax payers and no burden to the future school budget.

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