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Ring Of Honor wrestling most certainly deserves a TV deal and spot on TBS because they're the best indie wrestling promotion in the world today with some of the best championship wrestling and matches ever today. And they have the best American fanbase today too.

ROH has an excellent roster, excellent wrestlers and women wrestlers, 5 star matches, great quality, very good commentary and wonderful tag teams. Ring Of Honor is much better than TNA: Impact Wrestling because Ring Of Honor Wrestling has better championship wrestling and Japanese wrestling. And they bring excitement to wrestling fans every week too now that their ratings are much higher than they were a few years ago.

ROH is so cool and awesome and that's why they just need a TV deal live on TBS every week on a really big TV network so they can get more mainstream and popular and get more American fans and fans from Europe, Asia, Canada and other countries wordwide!

TBS is the perfect channel for Ring Of Honor Wrestling to be on so they can compete with TNA in competition head to head in another bloodbath competition war with ROH vs. TNA when or if TNA gets on PopTV or on another basic cable channel if they're lucky. And when TNA does eventually run out of money and goes out of business, all the current and former TNA superstars and knockouts (the whole TNA roster) can all go to Ring Of Honor Wrestling and sign with them and wrestle on ROH and be on their show and roster including the Hardy Boyz if they don't go back to WWE again.

ROH can be on TBS on Tuesday nights if New Japan Pro Wrestling is on TNT on Friday nights, or ROH can be on TBS on Wendsday nights and compete with TNA for ratings when TNA is on PopTv or another basic cable channel if they can get on one and ROH can start at the exact same time TNA starts and end at the exact same time TNA ends on Wendsday nights every week. Or ROH can be 3 hours from 8:00 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET on Tuesday nights if NJPW is on TNT on Thursday nights, or ROH can air on Wendsday nights or on Saturday nights. And so ROH can get a women's division too.

We're asking you Time Warner to look into how good ROH is and give them a chance and a TV deal on TBS and give wrestling in general another chance on TNT and TBS again! I know you people are looking into getting wrestling back on TBS and TNT someday, so please give Ring Of Honor Wrestling a spot on TBS which they so deserve time warner. But if ROH does air on TBS, use the old TBS logo on the screen just on ROH every week to make ROH look more realistic and believable!

So if you want to see ROH live on TBS every week, please sign this petition to make it happen and give them a TV deal on TBS and make TBS their new home every week. And please use the old TBS logo from 2004-2015 on the TV screen only on ROH every week or use the old TBS logo from 1993-2003 on the TV screen only on ROH every week so they'll look more exciting and realistic and look out of this world and get more viewers every week on TBS from the beginning of ROH to the very end every week. Then you can use your brand new TBS logo for your TV shows and movies.

ring of honor wrestling

We're hoping Time Warner will have love in their hearts and give Ring Of Honor Wrestling a TV deal weekly live on TBS every week. And if they do air on TBS every week, ROH should use their old ROH product, lighting and stage from (2008-2012) once a week or once in a while and use their current new product and stage every now and then too and switch off between them.


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