#Civil Rights
City of Edinburgh Council
United Kingdom

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Edinburgh council has competitively tendered care and support services for 777 people. The council had a choice about how to do this and chose to put it out to competitive tender.

The council decided what services were needed and how things should be changed after only asking 8 people who used services. They sent out some letters and printed a pamphlet. The council said that if you weren’t happy you could ask for a Direct Payment. They passed a motion in May saying that they would make it possible for everyone to have a Direct Payment.

170 people asked for a Direct Payment so they could stay with their existing provider. There was so many people that the council staff were worried that they couldn’t award the contracts. Now the the Council have said who they want to give the new contracts to. Over 700 people will have to move to new providers unless they get a Direct Payment. However in October the council froze all Direct Payments to people in the tender process. At least 87 people cannot get their payment completed. No one new can make an application and get their Direct Payment for months.

You should sign this petition because asking for and getting a Direct Payment is a right once you get a service and you can take responsibility for your own money and life.

The council promised a choice. Some of the new providers have a poor record in quality and people might get a worse service. There is still time to change the council’s mind as the council decision has been delayed.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Edinburgh council to honour the promise it has made to all people affected by the Care and Support tender that they could have a Direct Payment to buy a service of their own choice.

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