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EMI, RCA, Island, Sanctuary Records, Sire

In 1997, Morrissey was dropped by the Mercury/Island label. Since then, he has been unable to find a suitable record label. Several US/UK labels have chosen to ignore Morrissey's work on the grounds that it does not fit in with what is popular or 'sells'.

In the meantime reality TV contestants - e.g. shows such as American Idol and Pop Idol (and including the 'runners-up') continue to have millions of pounds lavished on them.

Morrissey has a substantial audience across Europe and the US. He has had two number one UK albums as a solo artist, and continues to sell out large venues despite not having released anything for nearly six years.

The music industry should recognise such a talent instead of continually backing substandard artists on the basis of looks and image.

Morrissey should be offered a serious record deal with full artistic control.

To demonstrate the commercial viability of Morrissey - please indicate if you would buy the next Morrissey album.

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