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Tere Liye started on 14th June and after a lot of requests it took a leap and Rajat as Robindo made his entry on 24th of August. It's 3 weeks now and we are not finding anything as such that makes this statement true "Rajat is in parallel lead in tere Liye".

The issue is very clear when Rajat has signed the serial and that too as parallel lead, then why is he not getting equal screen space in the serial?

We, the Rajat Tokas fans, want Star plus and Balaji Telefilms, to give Rajat the equal screen space as it has been given to other leading stars...sorry to say but not only leading stars, many other characters who are introduced recently too getting more time slot and are appeared much more than Rajat in the serial, then Why not Rajat? He is a brilliant actor, and I know many will agrees to this that his presence add freshness to the serial and is really a booster...In the week, when Rajat was shown even TRPs were highest.

Then why is he treated in such a way, he is not shown daily, and whenever he is shown it’s like a glimpse in full episode. When the roles are equivalent then why not the scenes? Really it’s not a fair behavior to Rajat fans, and especially when we are only watching the serial for Rajat, how hard it is for us to watch the episodes without his presence in the serial.
So, please pay attention to our requests and as mentioned that he is in parallel lead so, he should get equal screen sharing in the serial. Please increase Rajat's role in Tere Liye and please do show him daily.

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