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Social Security disability office

I was married to Mr. RFobert Stallworth it didn't work out so I filed for divorce in Jacksonville Florida. I went before the magistrate the divorce was granted in my favor fast forward five years later I marry Robert Hawkins but found out I was still married to Stallworth so my marriage to Hawkins was not legal. I went to the social security office on powers ave and University BLVD Jacksonville Florida in 1998 and changed my social security card back to Stallworth and never looked back happy as hell.

Live my life as Jean M Stallworth for the next 25 years all mail all legal papers in Stallworth for 25 years this year social security office changed my name did not ask me speak to me call me anything. all of my paperwork for from SOCIAL SECURITY is in STALLWORTH. no bills nothing in Hawkin s this was the only mistake I have made in my life that came back to bite me in my ass. so I want you all who see me watch me live hell even the ones who don't like me sign this petition

this office has taken my rights to be governed under this country's laws as I am an American citizen borne and raised the federal law states as follows

Q; is it illegal to be married to two people at the same time.

the answer is (yes) you can't be married to two people at the same time even if you had a ceremony because( the second marriage would be INVALID)

in this country, it is illegal to be married to two people ( THE FIRST MARRIAGE IS THE LIGITAMATE MARRIAGE )


so why is a federal agency breaking their own law by not going by their federal laws that they have to sware to uphold so why picking on little ole me 65 year old disabled woman who is a citizen of this messed up government their dishonest they delete your paperwork they lie say your non- compliant when your jumping through hoops to get all of your paperwork in order this office has made me a slave they have taken my legal name and changed it no call, no letter, no we need to speak with you about this matter, no they made me a slave they stole my identity and gave me what they want to call me I have every piece of paper with all of my business and its all in Stallworth even paperwork from this very office but this year they decided to enslave me and change my name .

I asked this top attorney MR. CRUMP black man to represent me in a lawsuit against the office of( SOCIAL SECURITY) .but I am not high enough on the press level to matter a landmark case you just took my identity changed my name without my knowledge or consent sign this petition for my civil and human rights to be restored to me my name' ( MRS. JEAN M STALLWORTH ') they say we have where you changed it to Hawkins but we don't have the change back information how is that and they were both done at the same office and a year apart.

but this information is not in their system tell me if you have 1997 and 1999 what happen d to 1998 when I changed it right back ????????

they do as they damn well please even worse when your black no criminal record at all of any kind ever.got my very first traffic ticket on my 64th birthday in Kansas first one ever. so please help me out I spoke with an Attorney but he wants 1,989.00 just to tell a judge this is a silly mistake it is clear she has been living for over 25 years this is her name will the court, please grant MRS Stallworth her rightful name back. almost 2,000.00 just to give the state money hell I don't even know

so please sign this petition for my civil rights as well as my HUMAN RIGHTS to be restored my real and legal name.

thank you Jean M Stallworth
3038 Fitzgerald St. Jacksonville Florida 32254

so this is my quest to restore my civil as well as my human rights to use my real name of my Husband Robert Stallworth god rest his soul I really loved that guy he took me dancing every weekend we liked the same things

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