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Weight Watchers

This is a petition to gather 20,000 signatures from Weight Watchers members who recently experienced a forced and uninformed change in their weight loss plan. Whether you were just starting out on the PointsPlus plan or have been a loyal follower for years and have been working to achieve your weight loss goal, and you are outraged at the new SmartPoints plan that was implemented the week of 12/7/15, please sign this petition.

The goal is to gather enough signatures to DEMAND AND REQUIRE Weight Watchers to give PointsPlus users the OPTION to return to that system OR utilize the new SmartPoints plan. No one should be forced, without explicit written consent and permission, into making changes to personal lifestyle choices, when these changes are unnecessary.

Let's stand together and make this happen!

We the undersigned demand that Weight Watchers provide members with the option to return to the PointsPlus weight loss plan or utilize the newly implemented SmartPoints/Beyond The Scale Plan.

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