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On Friday, 07 May 2004, the culprits of the multiple theft cases around the school were apprehended and caned in front of the school. It's called "public caning" for those who do not know.

However, the truth is that, only one of them committed the actual crime, called "theft", and made use of the other four. In the end, he dragged the other four down with them as they had a share in the thefts. The word "accomplice" is not suitable as they did not commit theft along with that person. His name is Kok Yong Quan (referred to as Kok hereafter). Basically, he shared the money he had stolen with the other four and told them to keep the handphones.

And on that day, the five of them got two strokes of the cane each. As we all know, the pain was not really there but the humiliation was.

We are all upset and enraged by the decision of whoever that allowed the other to receive the same amount of punishment as Kok, as he was the mastermind. Nah. We just feel and think that Kok should be given a harsher punishment and be identified as the mastermind behind the thefts. That way, the school will be impressed by how he managed to steal so many things yet disgusted by his actions.

Mrs Goh said that the five of them had felt remorseful and are willing to change. She also added that we should forgive and accept them. Fine. No problem with that. However, I would like to point that the fact that Kok is not a first time offender of thievery. The rest had been given a second chance because it's their first time committing this offence, but for a second time offender? I said second time, not second chance. If he had really felt remorseful the first time, would he do it the second time? And if he can do it the second time, why would he not do it a third time? Besides, he was also responsible for the vandalisms that happened in the sec 3 level, and we all got scolded by Mr Lim because of that.

This petition was not started by me, cpl Soh, alone, but by quite a few people. Danson, Yize, etc. Just take it that this petition is set up by no one. It is just meant to voice out the feelings of many people and what we want. If you are not one of those agree with this petition, then don't sign in. Nobody is forcing you to. I just want to let everybody know that all I did was to set up this petition. It does not matter who does. The petition is here because it is here. If you really think that this petition was here because someone wanted it to be here, there are dozen of signatures to prove you wrong. Any one of them could start this petition. The fact that they signed it proves that they agree with this petition.

To end off, we want Kok to fork out everything for the compensation, instead of all five of them . He stole everything, therefore he should pay for it.

Help this petition out to request that the unfair justice be served by signing it.

PS: Not happy? Don't sign. Leave this page. All comments are welcome, but beware of flaming if your comment is anti-thispetition.

We, the undersigned, politely request that Kok Yong Quan, the mastermind behind the thefts and vandalisms in the school, be given a harsher punishment, so as to serve the unfair justice. We also declare that we fully comply with the idea that this petition is not based on any personal feud, but because of the unfairness of the punishment. We also request that Kok should compensate everything instead of all five of them.

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