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The Interstate Traveler Company LLC has proposed to build a high-speed, solar powered, magnetic levitation, rail and resource distribution system along the federal highway right of ways at no cost to the taxpayer and share 50% of its revenue with Federal, State, and Local Municipalities.

In 2003 the Michigan House and Senate endorsed resolutions to “memorialize congress to enact legislation to support research, development, and construction of the Interstate Traveler Project through the re-authorization of the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century as;

Senate Resolution No.89: http://www.interstatetraveler.us/sr_89.htm


House Resolution No. 23: http://www.interstatetraveler.us/Maglev-HR23_8x11_jpg.jpg

Additionally letters of support from the following organizations:

East Central Michigan Planning & Development Regional Commission
West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission
Southwestern Michigan Commission
West Michigan Regional Planning Commission
The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority
Detroit Wayne County Port Authority
United Steel Workers of America
Michigan Association of Counties


As a concerned citizen of the State of Michigan, I urge you to take advantage of and approve the use of our right of ways for high speed rail. Specifically the public private partnership being offered by the Interstate Traveler Company.

The economic development activity that will be spurred from the installation of high speed rail is only one of the benefits from approving the use of our right of ways. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of jobs that will be created in the automotive, steel, and manufacturing industries.

Aside from the revenue sharing opportunities, the fact that the interstate traveler company would become the largest tax payer and employer in the state, and the source for nearly 100% of our electrical consumption generated by renewable energy I strongly implore you to utilize your powers to promote the manufacturing and exporting of the Interstate Traveler from the State of Michigan.

As a National security issue, independence from foreign oil as we begin to transition to hydrogen fueling stations along the highways is another opportunity to ensure the viability and sustainability of providing fuel to the citizens of Michigan for years to come. The infrastructure upgrade for distribution of electricity by the internal smart-grid is an overdue upgrade that will significantly enhance the reliability of our utilities.

The convenient traveler stations along the highway would afford the opportunity to move people, vehicles, and freight in an affordable and reliable manner thus saving the tax-payers money on fuel, maintenance, and insurance. The burden of road maintenance on the state would also be alleviated.

The automotive and manufacturing talent that lies within this state is highly underutilized and with the addition of rail cars to be distributed across the globe could generate circumstances for which another industrial revolution could evolve. The creation of the transcontinental rail road was perhaps the greatest physical feat of the 19th century and the most important phenomena of the industrial revolution. The power to approve the Nations largest infrastructure project in history lies in your hands.

This is why I urge you to capitalize on the private financing and public revenue sharing being offered to the State of Michigan by the Interstate Traveler Company. The benefits at large are more than can be accounted for in a petition but the need for change is evident. Recent issues with the city of Detroit and the State of Michigan are deficits which our elected legislators are responsible for and the citizens held accountable to foot the bill.

I am sure that you will consider my best interest and the states when determining whether or not to approve the use of the Federal Highway Right of Ways for High Speed Rail.

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