#Human Rights

Ali is a detainee who was moved from Adelaide immigration detention centre and is at Perth Immigration detention centre currently sleeping on the floor in the common room. This has been happening for the past 7 weeks every time he asks about why there is no bed for him they say they looking into it however they haven't done anything, why was he moved somewhere that didn't have the capacity to have him? Why isn't Ali getting privacy in a bedroom? Why isn't anything be done to get Ali a bed? Why isn't Serco and border force doing anything about the situation, Ali has rights as a detainee and he has the rights to use his rights, Serco aren't happy he is going viral and live about situations arising in the detention centres however the outside world needs to see how detainees are being treated, So many detainees been committing suicide in detention centres and as soon as they are released its time to make awareness and stand by them

Asking people to sign to support Ali's rights and make other people know that what he is experiencing isn't acceptable he is human like everyone else and other detainees, border force can't say they don't have a bed somewhere for Ali

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