James Lawson and Daryl Flynn or Amway management
United States of America

*** As of November 22nd, 2011 families were notified the 2012 c/o Colonial HS will have their graduation at the Amway Center on June 4th at 8pm.

Colonial High School has held its graduation at the Amway Arena and the reinvented Amway Center for over a decade.

Previous locations have not been able to accommodate the families coming to support their loved ones who are graduating. All families and friends should have an opportunity to share this moment.

Any location, aside from the Amway, will put a limit on the people a student can invite to this monumental occasion in a person's life.

For 13 years, students have strived to reach the stage they will walk to receive their diploma. Asking students to downsize the location and limit the list of supporters is immensely difficult and unfair.

Students have family members who graduated at Amway. Thus, creating a tradition. Again, putting a limit on the supporters allowed is absurd when before it was unlimited. The 2012 seniors beg that their graduation location is moved from the UCF Arena to the Amway.

In fact, it will be beneficial to have Colonial's celebration on Monday, June 4th, at 8pm opposed to it's current time of 3pm on a Tuesday, which teachers, students and working family members cannot make in time.


We, the 2012 Senior class of Colonial High School, ask you to support our aspirations for graduation.

By signing this petition, you are asking Amway management or the Superintendent James Lawson and Board Member Daryl Flynn to make things right.

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