#Human Rights
Australian Government

Currently Hot Rod builders in Australia enjoy a self regulated, appointed scrutineer driven ability to construct and register any form of hot rod.

Custom Motorcycle builders on the other hand are unable to register motorcycles that generally exceed the safety standards of imported motorcycles.

There is a fundamental breach of human rights and discriminatory action by allowing this inconsistency. The Australian Government refuses to entertain the notion of the same process currently used by hot rod builders being used by Custom Motorcycle builders.

We think it essential that every motorcyclists, custom car enthusiast and general public support our right to equal treatment and status.

Builders of Custom Motorcycles in Australia should be afforded the same rights, privileges and benefits that are currently enjoyed by Hot Rod builders.

That the same three stage scrutineer process should be approved by the federal and state Governments in order to allow the users, followers and builders of custom motorcycles to go about their business lawfully and without the current restrictions.

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