#Students' Rights
Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools, Girl's School
United States of America

ANCSS has a skirt dress code currently in place that is totally an acceptable length, nevertheless the Principle, Vice Principle, Girls School Administration and Faculty have imposed a new LONGER skirt length requirement to extend below the knee beginning the 2010/2011 school year. History shows that there are, and always will be dress code violators. Therefore, the school should deal with them individually.

The majority of the female students conform and should NOT be forced to wear this matronly, oppressive clothing. Any school should be equipped to effectively handle violators without punishing the masses. It's an unnecessary and unacceptable dress code change. They are so long that the uniform company doesn't even make the skirts in the required dimensions!

Please sign this Petition and SAY NO to longer skirts at ANCSS!

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