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I have started an Petition to give Joan, Toni, Maya, and Lynn their just due! When the show ended on UPN, the fans we devastated on the unfinished end. The fans never got a fair ending on BET to a show that changed the lives of many African American females.

Hopefully together we can get word out there, that we need closure! I call you all "GFriends" because of course we do have "Girls" who love and supported this show; but, we also have "Guys" who love it also! So, continue to spread the word by getting more people to "Like" this page! Our goal is 1,000,000 petitioners!

Luv ya'll muah;*

If Sarah Jessica Parker fans got closure in two Sex and the City Movies, then why can't Tracee Ellis Ross!

I need everyone to sign this petition to let the big wigs in Hollywood know that there is an interest for a GirlFriend's Movie!

You all heard it tonight on BravoTV "Watch What Happens Now" ... Tracee said in regards to a "Girlfriends" Movie.. And I quote, "Unfortunately I am not in Charge of that. But I will say, I WANT IT TOO. It was unfair that we did not get a finale." She then went on to say, "8 years... we did a 176 episodes!" (She sounded very disappointed) So it is not only we the people who want this; but, the stars of this life changing show want it to! Spread the word and let's get this done for our Girls!

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