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The Giraffe represents CSULB's distinct identity. Like our students, the Giraffe reaches high for success. It is naturally peaceful and majestic, but, in self-defense, the Giraffe can kill lions with its kick. The Giraffe is unique; there is no other Giraffe mascot at any college in the United States. Every spot on the Giraffe's body is unique, like a fingerprint. This harmony of uniqueness is reflective of our campus's diversity and inclusivity. Giraffes have the largest heart of any land mammal. The Giraffe is also our school colors and the Long Beach Longnecks has a nice ring to it. For too long, CSULB has been lost, with no clear identity and no unifying mascot to rally around. The Giraffe is the way to go. Join the #giraffestaff and sign the petition.

We, the undersigned, students, alumni, and/or interested parties in the unique identity of California State University Long Beach, hereby declare that the preferred mode of unification for the students of said institution ought to be, for now and forevermore, the Giraffe as mascot, for reasons including, but not limited to, those made manifest by the above Preamble.

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