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Who has tried lodging complaints to government agencies/affiliates such as HDB, Town councils, NEA etc and the only replies you get are "This is not our responsibility, we will notify the respective in charge to reply" yet never get any?

My residential area, 831 Jurong West St 81 Singapore 640831, has always been a hotspot for migratory birds every year between March to May. Before CCK Town Council fell most of the trees late 2017, we never had this problem. After those trees being chopped down, the birds have no where to settle down each day and they were forced to rest at the ledges of the apartments here. Bird droppings are everywhere now and the agencies seem to have forgotten the risk of H1N1 bird flu and the need to have a clean environment that Singapore has always envisioned.

I emailed to HDB, Town council, and NEA. NEA didn't bother to reply. HDB's Gavin Cheong replied and said it is not their problem as it's the exterior. After I asked why they couldn't sit together to find a solution, he rebuked by saying "I can always attend the meeting if you insist but I won't say or do anything".

Town council's Philip acknowledged they caused this problem because they didn't thought of the birds before chopping the trees, and they have no solutions to this. He said he'll suggest to AVA to put up spikes on the ledges and that they'll only clean the ground level. I highlighted to him this will never solve the problem because firstly, the birds will still be displaced and we shouldn't disrupt them too much. And they should first look into cleaning up the area immediately before any further actions. Cleaning only the ground floor will still create a risk of virus outbreak.

This petition is intended for Singapore PAP to realise they are wasting too much money feeding unnecessary agencies who only have standard scripts to push blames to everyone else. The commoners are suffering because of such actions.

We need some government bodies to start taking actions and revise their protocols so we won't face similar problems going forward. Please support this petition by signing.

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