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Well For everyone that doesn't watch hollyoaks or for some silly reason didn't watch Hollyoaks Later. Will be thinking "what the hell is this for" well Zoe Carpenter and Sarah Barnes (Zoe Lister and Loui Batley) had a one night stand during a trip to Sliverstone in the Hollyoaks Later Episodes.

Now for some strange Reason The Hollyoaks Writers Haven't put them together yet and have dragged the story out a bit to long and all the fans of Zorah are just waiting for them to get together. That's if they actually do. So this is what this petition is for.

I will be adding it to the C4 Forum and the Zoe Lister Forum and another Forum i can find for hollyoaks and will try my best to get it in to the hollyoaks writers.

For all the Zoe fans, Sarah Fans, Zorah Fans and just fans of hollyoaks that want to see them get together sign this petition.

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