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Red Bull's "A Day in the Dirt" was started in 1998. It draws together friends, family, professionals, and all sorts of people who share the same love...dirt bikes. It is a weekend filled of races for all ages and skill levels, as well as great food, drinks and company.

We want to try to get UTVs in on this awesome event! It would be a great opportunity to draw more attention to this amazing sport that we all participate in and love so much!

Please show your support by signing this petition. Hopefully, if enough signatures are obtained we will be able to grab Red Bull's attention so that they will consider letting us take part in this event. This would be an amazing accomplishment for UTV drivers/racers of all skill levels.

A Day in the Dirt is a huge family and friends event and just one more awesome reason to get fellow UTVs drivers/racers all together.

We, the undersigned call on Red Bull/whomever is the overseer of "A Day in the Dirt" to let UTVs participate in the events of "A Day in the Dirt" on the weekend of November 27, 2015. We understand that our race/races will not interfere with the dirt bike race schedule. We agree to be the last race/races of the day after all dirt bike races are over with so that no dirt bike race may be affected.

We understand that we may not get the opportunity to have multiple races, and may only have 1 race for all different sizes/classes of UTVs. We understand that we will have to pay an entry fee for this race, and that entry fee may be more expensive than that of the dirt bike race fee.

We also understand that there may be a limit to how many UTVs will be allowed to enter in the race/races on a first come first serve basis if allowed to participate in this event.

We the UTV Community will remain openminded about this possible opportunity, and understand that not everyone's wishes may be met with this event knowing that it would be a first time opportunity to partake in the "A Day in the Dirt" series. We understand and agree that allowing UTVs into "A Day in the Dirt" will be a profitable opportunity for the UTV race community as well as those putting on the "A Day in the Dirt" series. By signing this petition we agree to be patient and understanding in all events/processes of this endeavor to get UTVs into the "A Day in the Dirt" event.

We agree to act in a positive manner and if it is decided that UTVs will not be allowed to participate in "A Day in the Dirt", we will treat that answer with respect and dignity and will cause no backlash.

We agree that if UTVs are decided to be allowed to participate in the event we will respect the time, guidelines, and rules that we are given with the understanding that this would be a first time event.

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