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Virgin airlines, Qantas airlines and the minister for transport

Many Tasmanians have been forced to look for and be employed interstate, especially in mining and civil construction.

In order for these men and women to return home on the same day as they leave designated work sites there must be flights available from Melbourne after 7:30 pm daily, to make connections. This has been available until recently and we are asking for these flights to be reinstated.

Whilst the people leave the state to find employment and/or better paid employment they are bringing this money back into Tasmania to be spent locally. Should they no longer be able to return to Tasmania on the same day, it will force more people into relocating interstate as it will simply no longer be viable to be "Fly in Fly out" please sign the petition to keep flights coming in to Tasmania at reasonable times and prices so that not only can these people enjoy a reasonable amount of time with their families, but so we don't push them into moving interstate.

Tasmania is not a second class state and should not be forced into becoming one. Please sign the petition.

We call on domestic airlines to reinstate flights to Tasmania after 7:30 pm so that same day connecting flights are more readily available at all times of the year.

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