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Adult drivers in Minnesota.
United States of America

Many families often have parents who are in their 70+ age range, and are still on the road. Family members observe their parents making unsafe driving decisions, or simple mixups with the basic concepts of driving...

It's that if a senior driver was dangerous on the road somebody would tell them, but thats not always the case. Out of respect and love, it's difficult to personally take away a parents means of independence.

This problem would be fixed in Minnesota, by taking another road test when adults reach their 70+age. Simple enough, if you cant pass, you shouldn't be on the road. After their first test at 70, they will retake it every three years, until they give up the keys.

By signing this petition you would show your support and need for a law that would require seniors in Minnesota at age 70+ to retake the road test to continue driving.

After that road test they would keep retaking the test every three years until they decided to stop driving.

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