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With a crippling provincial budget in place, getting around for a lot of people in this province will become burdensome. That on top of the fact that we've got an entire street dedicated to bars and pubs and the highest DUI rates in Canada, well, Uber being here just makes way too much sense.

But... Uber feels differently. St. John's still isn't listed as an applicable city with the service.

By signing this petition, you give your voice to the cause of getting Uber services in place in St. John's. In the wake of the crippling provincial budget, affordable transportation will become a struggle for our provinces poorest and with Uber services in place, commuters can ride-share and carpool for much cheaper rates than cab companies offer as well as provide income opportunities for folks who want to drive for Uber.

Cities like Ottawa and Toronto already have Uber and its quickly spreading but I think we can agree that our circumstances as a province warrant us a bit of priority into getting these much needed services in place and having a leg up in our normally delayed pace with acquiring modern technology and services, such as Uber.

Lend your voice to this petition so that at least this one time we aren't put on the back burner when it comes to these life improving technologies, especially at a time when they are needed most.

Thank you.

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