#Animal Welfare
SeaWorld Australia

All of the dolphins at SeaWorld seem to have pretty generic or boring names like Nudge or Howie. Those names are cute but they aren’t memorable, the people who go to SeaWorld are not going to remember Howie just because of his name.

I think that SeaWorld should have an oddly named Dolphin that makes it different from the rest, that makes it a fan favourite just because of the name:


Gilbert is a great name, especially for a dolphin. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl dolphin, Gilbert would still be a cute name for both.

The name Gilbert means ‘bright pledge’ derived from Germanic expressions.

I really want this to become a thing, and I hope you do to :)

We, the people who go to SeaWorld, call on the SeaWorld employees and officials to name the next dolphin Gilbert

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