Troy Cassar-Daley and Adam Harvey

The duo decided that they should withdraw after Australian country music legend John Williamson lashed out at their multiple nominations, claiming that their Album of the Year nominated The Great Country Songbook album featured too many American songs.

Williamson went as far as to quit his position of President of the Country Music Assosciation of Australia over the incident earlier this week, and in response Cassar-Daley and Harvey withdrew their nominations in an attempt to restore harmony to the Australian country music community.

The duo have also decided not to perform at the Golden Guitars ceremony, but will attend as an act of solidarity for their fellow nominees.

"It would have been awkward. I don't want the Golden Guitars to be about who didn't deserve to win or who shouldn't be there," Harvey told news.com.au.

He added that he was, however, hurt by the comments of Williamson and others.

"To be honest, I have been hurt by some of the comments, not only from Willo, but from others I thought were really good friends as more people weighed in on this debate."
"Our intentions in making this record were good and still are."

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